Article Marketing – A Dummy’s Guide to Succeed Part 2

July 25, 2016

On the first part of this article series, I gave you general information about article marketing and offered tips on how you can boost your open rate. In this article, I wish to offer you with more tips on how you can ensure that your articles will be read until the end and how you can earn the trust and respect of your readers. So, you better read on!

How to get your audience to read your articles in their entirety

Your job doesn’t end after you have successfully convinced your target audience to open your articles. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The next thing that you need to accomplish is to ensure that these people will read your articles until the end (where you place your resource box).

Start by writing a compelling, moving introduction. Give your readers a brief background of your chosen topic and give them something to look forward to. If you intend to offer them the solutions to their problems for example, make sure that you say it. This will help you get them at the edge of their seats.

Next step is to ensure that your articles are very informative. Online users will close your articles in a heartbeat if they figured that you’ve got nothing to share but fluffs or useless information. Share a slice of your expertise to these people and strive to help them out. You would want to impress them and convince them that you’re an expert so they’ll trust and respect you.

Don’t make your articles overly complicated. Remember, you’re not writing to win a Pulitzer award instead, you’re writing for people from across the globe who have different levels of comprehension. Write simply. Use everyday words and please, keep your sentences short. Also, ensure that you present your data in a logical manner and ensure that your content flows smoothly. This is to ensure that your readers will not be confused.

Keep it short. You don’t want to bore your readers and you don’t want to tell them everything that they need to know in one article (remember, you need to get them to visit your website). So, keep your articles relatively short. The ideal word count is 400-600 words. The idea here is to give your readers just enough information to make them want for more.

Do not talk about your products and services too soon. Placing blatant ads or sales pitches on your article body will not help you increase your sales. Why? It’s because your target audience expects you to educate them and not to sell them anything (not until they reach your resource box). So focus on addressing the learning needs of these people each time you write your articles. Here’s what I can guarantee you; if you make these people happy, you can expect that they’ll return the favor.